What are the Benefits of Using a Single Property Real Estate Website?

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July 27, 2017
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What are the Benefits of Using a Single Property Real Estate Website?

Single-Listing Websites Could Be Your Key to More Sales

Internet marketing is a necessity for real estate agents and brokerages around the country.

Whether you work with first-time homebuyers or experienced property investors, customers love being able to find home listing details using the ease of digital content.

Today, we’ll explain how single-listing real estate websites can catapult your listings onto the screens of qualified buyers no matter which part of the country you work in.



What is a Single Property Real Estate Website?

Single-listing real estate websites are just that: a one-page site designed to feature a specific address or property listing.

These sites act as a landing page for interested homebuyers, allowing them to view pictures of the home, learn about its features, and request more information.



What are the Benefits of Using One-Page Sites?

Listing your properties individually on sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com, is easy, but it’s much more difficult to promote those and ensure they’re placed in front of a qualified target audience.

Because property real estate websites act as a dedicated landing page for a specific listing, using them as marketing and advertising tools opens up a variety of new promotional opportunities.

Take a look at the biggest benefits of using one-page sites below:

Garner Highly-Targeted Leads for Every Property

Because these sites are built to highlight individual property listings, real estate professionals are better able to target and prospect highly qualified leads for a diverse array of property types.

Promote your listing on social:

Because property websites act as a landing page, they’re perfect for real estate agents to share via social media.


Here are a few ways to get started:

Share your listing in Facebook groups: There are hundreds of Facebook groups dedicated to promoting property listings, and are often divided by city, state, and county. By publishing links to your single property site in these groups, real estate professionals can effectively market to qualified local buyers.

Publish individual properties to Instagram: Instagram has transformed into a low-cost, high visibility channel to promote properties. By publishing a high-quality photo of each individual property and including a link back to your property website, agents can drive qualified leads for that specific listing.



Keep your Portfolio Full

Because “traditional” websites group together an agency’s entire portfolio into one site, they are better suited to market the company as a whole rather than promote the listings being offered.

But by using single-listing websites to promote listings, agencies can market themselves as a customer-centric company that is dedicated to helping each individual client sell their property.

By giving real estate professionals the ability to fill their pipeline with highly targeted leads, these digital assets increase sales and build brand awareness. To drive qualified leads to each specific property, these sites can be optimized for SEO and shared via social media. Finally, they can be leveraged to earn future business by showing property owners that your team takes extra steps to make their property stand out and sell.

If you have any questions about starting to use single property real estate websites to increase your sales, contact us today.

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